Smart TVs in Hotels

I heard about the gadget of smart TV soon after 3D TVs were introduced. According to this CNN News video, smart TVs are internet-enabled TVs that allow people to surf the internet and download/use the apps that were designed for smart TVs. I expect that smart TVs will appear in hotel rooms very soon because of the following reasons:

  • Many hotels have already linked their PMS (Property Management System) and on-demand services with the traditional TV sets in guest rooms. For example, guests can check out, play video games, and watch on-demand movies on TV. Very likely, smart TVs will allow hotels to manage these functions in a better way.  
  • Hotels can purchase brand new smart TVs. Or, they may purchase some “boxes” to upgrade their existing TV sets to smart TVs.  
  • Instead of charging guests the WiFi service, hotels may sell a “Smart TV Package” instead. Guests can use the smart TV and the internet service for an additional fee. Otherwise, they can still use the machine as a traditional TV set for free.  
  • Some hotels and restaurants have already used iPads in operations. Smart TVs can do similar tasks as what iPads offer. The good news is hotels do not need to purchase additional iPads when every guest room is supposed to have at least one TV set.

It must be nice to be able to control almost everything in bed with a remote control. Do you see the future for smart TVs in hotels? In what way? If there is a fee for using smart TV, how much are you willing to pay?

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