Forget about the Millennials, Get ready for the Gen Z

It was like yesterday when we just discussed the expectations of Millennials and what can be done in responding to their needs. Today’s update is about Gen Z, also known as “post-Millennials” or “iGen,” the generation that will soon surpass the Millennials in 2019.

Who are the Gen Zers?
Some define Gen Z as thosewho were born after 1996(age 21 or younger as of 2018) while others consider Gen Z are thosewho were born after 2000(17 or younger as of 2018). Using the cutoff line of 2000/2001, GenZerswill comprise 32 percent of the world population, but the Millennials only account for 31.5 percent.Gen Zersdeserve our attention because:
·They are very influential. Over 70 percent have the power to influence their family spending. ·Many Gen Zers are eligible to vote and enter university soon. ·Due to the impacts from the Great Recession (when they grew up), they are not as optimistic about economic opportunities and student debts. ·Compared to the Millennials, they are less likely to take risk…

McDonald’s flagship store: An example of newly renovated space

The advance of technology has transformed the way how restaurants and hotels operate the business. When almost everything, from reservations, productions, and service delivery, to the collection of payments, can all be performed by machines, restaurants and hotels must also reconsider how they may better utilize the space for smooth operations.  
McDonald’s opened a new restaurant that looks like an Apple Store
McDonald’s, for example, revealed a flagship store that looks like an Apple Store in Chicago, roughly two months after the company opened a brand new $250 million headquarter in the Windy City’s up-and-coming neighborhood known for its trendy restaurants,. McDonald’s flagship store has a series of new designs, including: The restaurant is located in a glassy, 19,000-square-foot building.More open space is featured for self-order kiosks, mobile order and pay, delivery, and even table service, the services that become increasingly important across the U.S. locations.Table service is…