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Chinese and Tourist Desinations: A Love-Hate Relationship

I was in Hong Kong and mainland China for a conference in May.  During my visit, I witnessed a debate between Chinese tourists and the local residents in Hong Kong. On one hand, Chinese tourists spend a lot of money on luxury goods and daily necessities in Hong Kong.  On the other hand, the overflow of Chinese tourists brings in many inconveniences to local residents. Many other tourist destinations also experience some negative effect from the overflow of Chinese tourists.  I wonder why people seem to love and hate Chinese tourists at the same time.  More importantly, what can Chinese tourists do to win the harts from other tourist destinations? Visit for my in-depth discussion on this topic. Other relevant discussions from this blog: Welcome Chinese Tourists The Biggest Challenge and the Hidden Opportunity of Entering the Chinese Market Investing in Digging the “Gold Mine” of China: Now Is the Time   Lodging Stocks in China S