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Airlines, restaurants, and hotels are dropping plastic straws

From airlines to restaurants and hotels , the hospitality and tourism industry is responding to the calls for more sustainable products. A small move, as “simple” as dropping the plastic straws, could make a significant impact on the planet --- the place where we all live.   Alaska Airlines replaced plastic straws with sustainable, marine-friendly alternatives Alaska Airlines announced in May that the company would replace non-recyclable plastic sir straws and citrus picks with sustainable, marine-friendly alternatives on all flights starting in the summer of 2018. For the passengers with special needs, the airline will offer non-plastic, marine-friendly options upon request. This move alone will eliminate 22 million plastics straws and citrus picks a year. McDonald’s is ditching plastic straws in the UK and Ireland McDonald’s said in June that the company would begin using paper straws to replace the plastic ones in all of it stores in the UK and Ireland in Se

Restaurant predictions: More positive for quick service restaurants than the casual dining chains?

July 4 th is perceived by most Americans as the beginning of the summer season, in addition to the celebration of the country’s independence. This year, a new record of 46.9 million Americans were predicted to travel 50 miles or farther from home during the July 4 th holiday, the highest number since AAA (American Automobile Associations) began tracking the statistics in 2000. When more Americans are on the road, more patrons can be expected in hotels and restaurants. For the restaurant industry then, is the record-breaking number of travelers during the July 4 th holiday a good indication of a prosperous second half of 2018?   Restaurant predictions for rest of 2018 by CNBC’s According to Kate Rogers at CNBC , the restaurant industry can expect the following in the second half of 2018: Mobile ordering becomes more critical. Delivery (or “mobile ordering + delivery”) will continue playing an important role in restaurant operations. Domino’s Pizza, for instance