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Moving Forward in 2014

In August 2009, I graduated from Texas Tech University and moved from Lubbock, TX to Syracuse, NY for a tenure track position at Syracuse University (SU).  Six months later, in January 2010, I signed up in all major social media websites.   I called that “ I am entering a new era .”   Thanks to social media, I am connected to the “real world,” and because I embrace and understand social media, I can teach classes and do research in social media. Coincidentally, I also made big changes in 2013.   I accepted a new position in The Collins College of Hospitality Management at Cal Poly Pomona and moved from Upstate NY to Southern California in the summer.   In addition, I graduated with an iMBA degree from SU .    When I decided to pursue the iMBA degree at SU in 2010, my friends asked me not to do it.   Many of my unofficial mentors also advised me to put more thoughts to the decision.   Their concerns make perfect sense (even at this point).   First of all, I have alread

For Better or Worse? My Experience of Teaching in the “Smart Classroom”

I was my pleasure teaching in the “smart classroom” during my first quarter in The Collins College of Hospitality Management   at Cal Poly Pomona .   The classroom installs four Apple TVs, which enable professors and students to stream the same (or different) content on four different screens.   And yes, if you wonder, there is an app for this “smart classroom.” Teaching in the Smart Classroom +Cal Poly Pomona   I think this is a very “cool” classroom.   It definitely provides more flexibility for professors and students.   To name a few examples, I was able to stream class lectures using the SlideShark app on my iPad, making it easier for me to walk around to engage with different groups of students or answer students’ questions.   When we were having a guest lecture session via Skype, I was able to keep one or two screens for the guest speaker (Skype) and at the same time, showed students relevant content on other screens.   The “smart classroom,” however, is not always w