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Substance Abuse Among Restaurant Workers (by Francisco Diaz)

Every Friday evening, masses of people kick off their weekends by dining out; some go to their favorite restaurant, while others try out one of the newest places that are trending. They settle in, admire the quick and friendly service, and show delight in the food that has been meticulously plated and presented before them. They make sure to snap a photo of their dish “for the ‘gram” before digging in; they enjoy their meal and then head home while rubbing their bellies, ready for their next couple of days of rest and relaxation.  What many of these diners do not see is the Chef in the kitchen who is approaching hour thirteen of their workday, can’t remember their last day off, and is surviving on a combination of Oxycontin and Xanax to not only help relieve the aches and pains caused by the physical toll that years of work in the kitchen does to a body but to also help cope with the emotional pain caused by the damage that the demand that being a successful chef has on their personal