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Besides the cruise industry, the pandemic hit the ports hard - A WSJ video

Call that the pandemic's ripple effect?  The good news is more Americans are getting vaccinated (in the second video. We can expect a slow recovery for the travel and tourism industry starting as early as 2021 .  Are you ready to sail again soon? If not, what prevents you from going?  Note: The picture was downloaded from BusinessInsider .

Change to adapt: How businesses respond to post-pandemic travels

The   vaccination rate   is climbing steadily. On February 27, a third vaccine requiring just one shot was also authorized by FDA.     Hospitality and tourism companies are ready for the long-waited   travel recovery in 2021 . Many have begun hiring. The hospitality sector alone   added 355,000 new jobs   in February, making up most of the nonfarm payroll gains in the market.   Airlines , too, are preparing for recovery; they have resumed hiring and training and planned to buy new airplanes.     Post-pandemic travels, however, will very likely look   different from what we knew about travel .   COVID-19 pandemic ’s devastating impact on the hospitality and tourism industry could have   changed   the ways how businesses are operated forever.   Businesses must change to adapt to the   new norms   to remain competitive. By now, what changes have we seen? More importantly, what other changes can be anticipated?   The lodging industry is making rooms for the work-from-home and “bleisure” tr

The Costs and Benefits of a $15 Federal Minimum Wage - A WSJ Video

Is raising the minimum wage the remedy to solve poverty? Is the rise of minimum wage a blessing or a curse?   I also asked myself those questions a few years ago . I wonder if helping people climbing the ladder is a more effective way to solve poverty. What are your thoughts?   Note: The picture was downloaded from Steve Ingham's tweet . 

Sharing two WSJ #videos about #retail #marketing

How's your day?  If you have some time to spare, I hope you will enjoy my recommendations of these two informative Wall Street Journal videos. Who knows? Maybe you will discover some new insights about #marketing, #pricing, and the science behind #retail #business.   Behind Costco's Treasure-Hunt Shopping Strategy Behind the Price Tag of the Most Expensive Watches in the World     What do you think about these two videos? Do they give new perspectives about shopping?  Note: The picture was downloaded from .