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Efforts of Minimizing Waster: A Case of New Zealand

Earlier this month, I attended the 13th   APacCHRIE (Asia-Pacific Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education) Conference  in Auckland, New Zealand . I was impressed with the country's effort of minimizing waste. As shown in my discussion on , I listed three examples I witnessed during the trip, including: The bio loo (toilet) that collects, stores, and  compost human waste.  The "Make a Green Choice" program at the Rydges Hotel Auckland . The two-button water-flush system in the city of Auckland.  Interested in the pictures I took about the bio loo during this trip? Check out the photo album on my Facebook page .

Travelers are now taking more short road trips

More travelers are taking more short road trips. Would you agree? There are good reasons behind that, as what I suggested in my recent discussion on MiltiBriefs :  It becomes more troublesome and more expensive in air travel.  Gas price is getting cheaper this summer.    The green trend of #staycations and #staylocal continues to grow.  In addition, my friends added the following explanations of this trend: Americans are using less vacation time for real vacations. Instead, they use the vacation time for other things, such as the school events for kids, doctor's appointments, home improvement, etc.  It is getting more expensive to take a long vacation, and the middle class is shrinking in the U.S.  Do you see this trend coming? If so, what are your explanations?  #Summer #Travel #Tourism #Trend #RoadTrips