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The Basic of Digital Etiquette

If you are reading my blog now, you are probably also very active on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites.   Over the years, has anyone made you wonder if s/he needs training on digital etiquette? It happened that Today’s Show also discussed this topic earlier. Let’s see if it is well-said. Here are some highlights:   “Unplug” completely during vacation. Do not over posting “food porn” unless the food is really special or in a special occasion. Also, do it when it does not bother others in the restaurant and the servers. Limit the number of hashtags --- there is not a set limit. Personally, I think it is good to have up to three hashtags for every post. Too many hashtags equal to no hashtag for me. For that being said, it is a idea to create a hashtag for a special event like a wedding for tracking. A written thank you note is always better than a thank you message on e-mail.  Just like daily conversations, too many update about a person’s po