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What opportunities do you see for the foodservice industry in 2024? Insights from Skift's State of Travel 2023.

Skift Research releases the State of Travel 2023   report. It shows the current state of the industry and points out the key consumer trends, among others. Drawing from those insights, we can identify new opportunities for the foodservice industry.   Has the industry fully recovered yet?   The global travel and tourism industry makes a strong comeback, surpassing the 2019 level in April 2023. Domestic travel fuels the recovery, while international travel is picking up. People begin showing interest in urban centers again.     Meanwhile, travelers have not fully “moved out” of the pandemic travel mode yet. Many still demand flexibility, keep a shorter booking window, and want to purchase travel insurance. High inflation pushes people to choose less expensive options.     Consumer Trends   Remote work may continue, boosting (bleisure) travel.   Coworking creates opportunities for hotels.   People want to spend more on entertainment. Affluent travelers want remarkable experiences (e.g., l