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Drone delivery is coming, but don't get too excited yet

Walgreens is now working with Alphabet’s Wing to test drone delivery service . Beginning in October, Walgreens’ pilot program will use drones to deliver on-demand food, beverage, and over-the-counter non-prescription medications to customers within minutes. Currently, Wing’s drones can deliver packages of about three (3) pounds and within a six-mile (6-mile) radius .    Competing in drone delivery Walgreens is not the only retailer who wants to use drones in delivery. Major retailers and courier companies have also responded to consumer demands for faster and more convenient delivery. Amazon, for example, announced in June that the company planned to roll out free one-day drone delivery to its Prime members in North America. Amazon’s delivery drones can carry a package that weighs five (5) pounds or less and fly up to 15 minutes. Using drone delivery, Amazon Prime members can receive their orders within 30 minutes after the it

Want oven-fresh delivery food? A new startup makes it possible

Many consumers love  ordering food online  to have it delivered to their home. Food delivery has become a big business for  restaurants  and  grocery stores . Others, like me, are still feeling skeptical about delivery food despite its convenience. First, there is no guarantee that the delivery drivers won’t touch the food. A study cited by  Newsweek  reveals that more than one in every four (28%) delivery persons has tasted the food from an order. 54% admitted that they were often tempted by the smell of the food for customers. Also, I do not think my food would taste fresh or as good after it was sitting inside a container for a good amount of time. Lastly, most food being delivered is stored in containers that are not made of  sustainable materials . It was not until I heard of  Zume Pizza , a startup in the Bay Area, that I saw myself ordering food online in the future. Zume Pizza stands out from other restaurants by  combining robots, predictive analytics, and mobile o