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Managerial responses to online reviews: Strategies should vary across different hotels

Last month, I published two journal articles about online reviews. The first one was about how managers of different hotels should use different strategies to respond to online reviews and published in  The Cornell Hospitality Quarterly (with Karen Xie and Wei Wang). The second one was a review of current literature about online reviews and published in International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management   (with Karen Xie and Tori Richards) .  I highlighted the important implications of these two journal articles on For example, I recommend that responses to online reviews should vary based on hotel class . In particularly:  Budget  traveler hotels — provide more but also more concise (shorter) responses by the executives. Mid-market economy hotels — provide more responses by the executives. Full-service hotels — provide more responses by the executives in a timely manner. Above-average hotels — provide more and longer responses by the funct