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Coffee or Tea? What Is Trending Now

The gross profit margin for a cup of coffee or tea can reach 95% or more for restaurants. Who doesn’t want to sell more drinks? Let’s check out the latest coffee and tea trends to ensure we stay on top.   What’s hot in coffee?     According to the   National Coffee Data Trends Report , in the fall of 2023 , 63% of U.S. consumers (65% in the Midwest) drank coffee within a day before they took the survey. Americans’ favorite espresso-based drinks include:    Lattes                  18% Espresso             16% Cappuccino         15% Americano           11% Mocha                  9% Macchiato            8% Flat white             5% Vanilla is the top flavor among the 30% of coffee drinkers who drank a flavored coffee within the past week when they responded to the survey. The top preparation methods include:   Drip coffee makers        40% Single-cup brewers       27% Cold brewing                 16% Espresso machines       11%   In-office coffee had increased from a low of 26% in 2021 to

In what ways will AI affect restaurant operations?

A new wave of industrial revolution is here --- AI (artificial intelligence) will change everything we do. Undoubtedly, AI can improve restaurant operations.     Menu Engineering and Quality Control    AI can provide insights into a restaurant’s menu offerings and pricing strategies based on consumer data and market trends. Restaurant owners can adjust the recipes/menu and price accordingly.     AI can help restaurants monitor food temperature, cleanliness, and safety procedures, ensuring they comply with health and safety regulations. For example, AI can remind a sushi chef to replace a sushi plate that has been “sitting” on the conveyor belt for too long with a more popular item.     Consumer Experience   AI can help restaurants create location-based, personalized marketing campaigns to reach specific and targeted customers at the right time. Then, AI-empowered chatbots, reservation, and table management systems can help restaurants answer customer inquiries, manage reservations, and