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IHMRS and BDNY 2014

--> I attended both IHMRS (International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show) and BDNY (Boutique Design Trade Fair) this year with 15 students, faculty, and staff from the Collins College of Hospitality Management at Cal Poly Pomona . Being a five-time attendee of IHMRS since 2009 and a professor who often shares hospitality trends and industrial updates, I paid special attention to new products and ideas that were different from those in the past. Guess what new products and ideas I found?       +Cal Poly Pomona  Students Attended the +IHMRS 2014 in +City of New York   Fewer e-commerce sites, OTA sites, or mobile app developers attended IHMRS than before.  TV mirrors are here.  Green practices will stay.  "Special" textiles will be used for a variety of purposes and facilities.  Preserved vertical gardens help businesses keep the beauty of plants but require no maintenance. +DrainWig is helpful in solving the clogging issues of drains.   +Made In China ---