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Restaurants and hotels are finding ways to boost sales

I raised several questions in the my recent discussion on  +MultiBriefs :  Is the restaurant industry in recession? If so, how can we deal with it ? The restaurants are now facing many challenges, including rising food costs and labor costs, as well as the travel threats created by the terrorists . One solution I proposed (among some others) was to work closely with the local community to boost sales.  Co-incidentally, I also found hotels are luring travelers with local flavors , with the examples of the "running concierge" by  +Westin Hotels & Resorts , rooms decorated by local artists in the  +Park Hotel Tokyo , and the community engagement programs in  +Hostelling International .  Would you consider "adding local flavors" to a hospitality or tourism product/service as a trend for the industry? Have you recently observed similar examples where businesses offer more local flavors to customers? Please share your story with us.