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Hostels: Another alternative for investors and travelers

Hostels are getting more popular among travelers and investors.  Often being perceived as a cheap lodging alternative, hostels provide a great option for young or single travelers who want to meet new friends.  Now, more family travelers are also choosing to stay in hostels. Meanwhile, investors are putting money in it too.  That's why we have seen more "high-end" hostels in the market. What really drives the demand of hostels?   Will hostels continue to grow? Stay tune for my follow-up discussion about hostels next week.  I will share more insight of this lodging product from the perspectives of a friend who is actually working in a hostel. #Hostels #Travel #Tourism #Trends #青年旅館 #旅遊 #潮流 #酒店

The Huffington Post Released New Family Travel Trends

On July 10, the Huffington Post released the results of a survey about family travel . 45% said airline mile redemption was a deciding factor (even though it is much harder to earn or redeem frequent flyer miles now )  75% said they "stole" overhead bin space of others' (because airlines are charging a big price for check-in luggage?) More than 1/3 said they brought their own food to eat on the plan (not sure if it includes snacks) 72% of family travelers have either booked other accommodation options than hotels, such as  hostels or home and apartment rentals (Have you or will you? Why?) --- Want to read more about hostels? Here are a couple of relevant discussion: A. Hostels: Another alternative for investors and travelers and B. A follow-up discussion about hostels - Additional insights from the staff .  Are there any results that surprise you?