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The perks of being a loyal customer

Businesses work hard to attract new customers and retain the loyal ones. One way to accomplish that goal is through an effective loyalty program.  Thanks to the frequent traveler programs offered in the hospitality and tourism industry, loyal customers can enjoy many perks. Drawing from my travel experience in December, I wrote an article entitled "It Pays to Be Loyal Customers" on earlier. While I am not going to repeat the whole discussion here, I am going to share part of the article here:  Being a premier gold member of United, for example, I can also enjoy the following perks: Free lounge access for international flightsEligible to choose an Economy Plus seat with extra legroom upon reservationEligible for a free upgrade to United First for regional flights, starting 48 hours before departureTwo free checked bags of up to 70 pounds each for international and some domestic flightsPriority access for TSAPriority boarding, right after the First and Business…