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In-room workout in hotels

Want to stay active on the road but at the same time, skip the hotel gym?  Now, we can as more hotel chains are incorporating the in-room fitness concept.  The latest update I heard is Hilton Hotels & Resorts just unveiled a new in-room fitness concept —  Five Feet to Fitness . Travelers are now able to do various exercises inside  the newly renovated Hilton guestroom  in select locations: The newly renovated guestroom will be equipped with  TRX , a workout system that leverages gravity and body weights in workouts, as well as a  Gym Rax  storage bay, providing the accessories needed for yoga, meditation, body weight, strength and other exercise programs right inside the guestroom. The storage bay comes with a fitness kiosk that provides 200-plus exercise tutorials and more than 25 workout classes, guiding travelers how to use the equipment inside the guestroom. Wattbike  is also placed inside the guestroom for guided indoor cycling exercises. There is a hydration station