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Newer Generations Challenge the Hospitality Industry (Sabrina Peng)

In today’s ever-changing world, the hospitality industry seems to be suffering the most as it works to adapt to the newer generations and their lifestyles.  Used to instant gratification, the younger generation now has different priorities, thus no longer seeking the experience that people once did. Such changes in consumer trends can be quite challenging to our industry, specifically that of hotels. From faster service to more sustainable measures, recent trends have really been demanding a lot from hotels which, in order to survive, continue to come up with innovative, eco-friendly solutions, while dealing with other problems. Green is Good! With eco-tourism continuing to grow, consumers are gradually recognizing how important environmental conservation is and are now expecting accommodation supporting sustainable and eco-friendly tourism. As a result, companies, such as Marriott International with its new Element hotels, have been creating new brands that would incorpora

From the streets and into your stomach: How international street food is quickly increasing in popularity (By Vanessa Gorgonia)

Are you thinking about the next food trend you should try? Grab all of your foodie friends and find some street food! More and more people are liking the idea of the buying food that is comforting, unique, and good enough to show off to their peers on social media.  According to the Forbes website, some of the trends that shape our food decisions include whether the food option is tactical, reflects mindfulness, and how well the food is advertised. Street food is the answer to all of our needs. From tacos and barbeque skewers to sushi burritos and churro sundaes, this trend is making a big statement and it is here to stay. Street foods stand out Cooks are constantly experimenting with various international dishes and flavors to create their own twist on classic items. For example, a ramen chef named Keizo Shimamoto created the idea of a ramen burger, a burger with Asian flavors and ingredients using crispy ramen noodles instead of buns. This concept became a very popular idea

LGBT Travel ( By Terry Kim)

As of the 21st century, the LGBT community has grown exceedingly all over the globe. Just in the past year, more specifically June 27, 2017, same-sex marriage was legalized in all 50 states in the U.S. There is an entire spectrum of tourism targeted specifically for the LGBT community.  Prior to same-sex marriage being legalized in the U.S., gay tourism has started since the 1970s. That means LGBT tourism has been around for more than almost half a century. The LGBT group's impact on the tourism and hospitality industry is much more than many people would expect. Since the same-sex marriage law has passed, it has been great for both the LGBT customers and the tourist destinations because now these customers are able to travel without feeling judged. Judgment used to be a huge factor amongst gay couples, they were excluded and felt uncomfortable when traveling. Also, not being able to have a wedding was probably devastating for many. However, now they are able to have easy

Something to look forward to in 2019

The holiday season is around the corner. It is a good time for us to review the major events discussed in 2018. A quick overview will very likely inform us what we can expect in 2019. Airbnb: Into which market will it expand in 2019?        This year marked the 10 th birthday of the company. I wrote 24 commentary articles (excluding this one) in 2018 about the industry updates and trends, among which six (or 25%) was about Airbnb. Looking forward, Airbnb and hotels will fight in a bigger battleground in 2019. On one hand, more hotels, including Marriott , have entered the short-term residential rental market . On the other hand, Airbnb introduced two new brands --- Airbnb Plus and Beyond by Airbnb , which offer many “certified” enhanced services that are usually found in a traditional hotel. In February, Brian Chesky, the company’s CEO announced “ Airbnb for everyone .” Besides the new products of Airbnb Experience , Airbnb Plus, and Beyond by Airbnb , Airbn

Introducing RiseHY: Inviting Youth to Reach Higher with Hyatt (By Brianna Adams)

According to the International Labor Organization, “More than 40% of young individuals are unemployed or living in poverty.” “In the United States alone, we have 4.9 million opportunity youth.” Opportunity youth represent young people who are ages 16-24 and neither in school nor working and therefore, are disconnected from our economy. Hyatt’s Purpose True to Hyatt’s purpose – we care for people so they can be their best – Hyatt is passionate about people and building an inclusive and diverse global Hyatt family. To bring the company’s purpose to life, Hyatt has recently launched RiseHy. What is RiseHY ? RiseHY is a brand-new universal program created to match career opportunities in the hospitality industry with young people who need them. Hyatt is dedicated to being part of the solution for youth unemployment and they are using their platform in the hospitality industry to make it happen. Hyatt’s main concentration is ensuring that candidates are given the resou

Importance of Employee Orientation in the Hospitality Industry (By Mateusz Pasierbek)

The human resource (HR) department in a hospitality organization is responsible for many tasks, such as compiling payroll, updating salary and benefits information, ensuring compliance with all HR legislation, and also organizing job orientation for new hires. The last responsibility on the list, conducting orientation, often times is neglected in many food services and lodging organizations, which can cause significant problems in the longer run. This important step of introducing new employees to the hospitality business relates directly to the future success of individuals as well as the success of the hospitality organization. So, what exactly is the purpose of employee orientation and how can hotels and restaurants improve this vital process?  The Purpose of the Orientation According to  Mary Tanke, Ph.D., a professor at the School of Hospitality Management at Florida International University in Miami, an orientation can be defined as “a method of familiarizing or ac