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Are Americans on the tipping point of tipping?

In the old times, Americans typically tip 15 – 20% of the pre-tax bill in sit-down restaurants with wait staff. For hotel room service, tipping 10% is expected if gratuity is already included; otherwise, 20% or more should be added.   When tipping means more than gratitude   In California, tips do not count toward servers’ minimum wages. Accordingly, servers will earn the state’s or city’s minimum wage, plus tips. In some other states, servers make as little as   $2 - $3 an hour   because employers can count tips as part of their minimum wage. Still, tips have become an essential source of income for many service workers.   How have Americans changed their tipping habits since COVID?     Some consumers might appreciate the foodservice workers more during the pandemic for the extra work they performed.  Studies   showed that consumers tipped more to a pizza delivery driver and for many transactions at quick- and full-service restaurants, although tips for face-to-face transactions at fu