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How Hotels Determine a Guest Gets a Perk (or Not)

This Wall Street Journal interview provides some idea of how luxury hotels determine when a guest gets a perk and what s/he is getting.  Actually, many upper upscale or upscale hotels also give out perks to selected guests --- I still remembered how I prepared the VIP setups for those special guests when I was working in a Marriott Hotel. What role does a small perk play in building customer loyalty? Do you remember a special occasion when you received a perk by a service provider? How does that make you feel? Do you mind sharing your experience with us? If you work in a hotel or a service company, what perk(s) does your company offer? How does it work? Do you feel the reward program is meaningful to guests and effective? Any suggestions for improvement?

Have we done enough to welcome more Chinese tourists to the States?

In 2013, China ranked the No. 8 country with the most tourists entering the United States, recording 1.8 million travelers. In 2014, President Obama announced a new visa plan between China and the U.S.  The ease of visa requirement is expected to bring in even more Chinese tourists to the States. We must prepare for the growing number of Chinese tourists, regardless if we are working in the public or the private sector.   Yet, we obviously have not done enough. I visited Japan last month. It seems we are not doing as a good job as Japan does. In what way? Check out more details in my discussion on Multibriefs:  Learning from Japan to attract more Chinese tourists   #Chinese #Tourists #Travel #Tourism #US #Japan #Promote #Service If you are interested in my other discussion about Chinese tourists? Please check out the following:  Getting ready to welcome Chinese tourists Look beyond Lunar New Year to win Chinese customers through WeChat To love or to hate