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The Impact of Advanced Technology on Employment (by Christopher Martinez)

As our world has evolved, so has companies' hiring process across the workforce. Advancements in technology, including artificial intelligence or AI, have changed how employers review applications.  Many employers have become reliant on technology and AI to identify quality candidates, and such a practice has negatively impacted applicants, as the usage of AI technology to review applications has significantly decreased individuals’ chances for employment. With algorithms and AI being used to review submitted applications and evaluate applicant responses in online assessments, qualified individuals who apply for open positions can be rejected. In addition, companies have incorporated advanced technology into their application review process in the form of resume screeners, a tool that can wrongly evaluate applicants’ resumes using biased criteria. In short, employers’ use and reliance upon algorithms, AI, and resume screeners have presented challenges that many were not prepared to

Since When Have EV Chargers Become a Necessity for Hotels?

I rented a pure electronic vehicle (PEV) or battery electric vehicle (BEV) for a road trip to Palm Springs in January. That was the first time I took a trip with an EV, and I discovered that a PEV was only good for short or daily commutes. I will need a hybrid EV or a gas-powered car for longer road trips.        My not-as-pleasant EV experience in Palm Springs     Before this road trip, I assumed that EV chargers would be “everywhere” in California because California is the pioneer in banning the sales of new gas-powered vehicles. As a result, I did not “bother” to check how many EV chargers the area or my hotel has, even though I knew Palm Springs has many independently owned boutique hotels that do not need to follow any brand standards --- Today, having EV chargers onsite is still not yet an industry standard, although they are more commonly seen in chain hotels or restaurants.   I regretted renting an EV as soon as I arrived at the hotel because it had no EV charging stations. I d