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Is Amazon exiting the restaurant food delivery business for good?

Does sex still sell in today’s business world?

“Sex sells” --- that’s a common sense in the marketing and advertising field, meaning the use of “sex appeal” can help promote sales of a product or service. Last month, when a Canadian hotel chain tried to run a sex-appeal campaign, however, the trick helped the hotel draw more negative attention from the online community than expected.

Sex does not appeal to all travelers

Clique Hotels & Resorts is a Canadian luxury hotel chain, with properties in Calgary and Canmore. According to the CityNews, a media firm in Canada, the hotel’s website featured some “suggestive” and “sexist” photos, bringing in some backlashes from the online community, with people tweeting:
“And super suggestive. That one in the dress is killing me …”
“These are mega creepy. Who would approve these?”
“Right? Hahah I couldn’t even bring myself to book that hotel because of it lol”
“They might wanna fire whoever is in charge of marketing [laughing – emoticon]”
To some extent, those featured photos match the hotel cha…