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COVID has pushed a "Great Reset" to our work (II): What are the benefits of studying culinary arts in a foreign country?

  "Traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books." --- a Chinese proverb While many of the world’s renowned hospitality and culinary schools are located right here in the U.S., studying abroad for a culinary arts program can also be very beneficial. On April 25, we compared the options of studying in hospitality, culinary arts, or a graduate program. Today, we will discuss the options of studying in the U.S. vs. abroad for a culinary arts program.  Imagine that if one wants to be a master chef in Italian cuisine, will it be better to study culinary arts in Italy or a different country? Nothing can beat the immersive learning experience in the home country that originates the heritage and culture of the ethnic foods. Most of all, living in a foreign country could be the most rewarding experience in people’s life. They can Experience a whole new world: Living in the culture that gave birth to the ethnic cuisine, they get to taste its culture, the p

COVID has pushed a "Great Reset" to our work: Culinary, hospitality, or graduate school? Which one is the best fit?

When COVID hit, who would expect that our industry must deal with the toughest labor shortage ever in just a few months? By far, we have seen older staff want an early retirement; younger ones refuse to settle for what is offered. Just like the title of “ Everything Everywhere All at Once ,” “Great Retirement,” “Great Resignation,” “Great Refusal,” and “Great Relocation,” you name it, everything is happening now in the workplace ( McGowan and Shipley, 2023 ). Here comes the “Great Reset” The workplace needs a reset when people are now reassessing the purposes of their work and lives. Since the start of the pandemic, many people have switched jobs and even professions. Some also decided to go back to school to recharge and reskill. It is not a bad idea to gain additional training or a new degree because continuous education can often fuel career growth. The challenge is how to pick the right program that helps us accelerate our potential.  Culinary Arts vs. Hospitality  Culinary a