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Research reveals effective social media crisis communication strategies during COVID-19 pandemic

The  COVID-19 pandemic  is a once-in-a-generation crisis with  lasting economic and societal consequences . Crises and disasters often bring unpredictable catastrophic  changes  to the market. Yet, effective management of a crisis can help businesses reduce the event's negative impacts and shorten the recovery time. As the global economy  begins to recover , businesses are making  changes to adapt  to the post-pandemic world. For example, more companies now let employees  work from home  permanently. When people work remotely and classes are taught online, social media plays an even more critical role in crisis communication than before. Research identifying the types of social media messages that get people's attention during the COVID-19 pandemic is timely and helpful in supporting business decisions regarding crisis communication. The empirical study about crisis communication strategies on social media I worked with Drs.  Jungwoo Lee  at Yonsei University in South Korea and

Travel prices are up, but there are still ways to save in the last minute.

Are you traveling this summer? If so, I hope you have already made plans/arrangements for the trips because everything is getting pricier as more Americans are hitting the roads again.   This WSJ report/video helps explain why rental cars are getting so expensive these days. Are you still looking for a last-minute deal? Here are a few tips: How to find low prices during travel's dynamic pricing era .  Summer travel tips to save money at the last minute .  Last-minute ideas, expert advice about summer travel from "The Points Guy" Brian Kelly .  Note: The picture was downloaded from  the Time magazine. 

Behind Dollar General's strategy to dominate rural America - A WSJ video

Do you shop at Dollar General? I don't, but I shop at the 99 Cents Only Stores, not because I don't like Dollar General, more because there is a 99 Cents Only Store in the neighborhood.  Do you wonder why Dollar General is doing so well even during the pandemic? Check out this Wall Street Journal video for more insights.  Do you believe its growth will continue after the pandemic?  Note: The picture shows Dollar General's first new small-format store called DGX in Nashville, TN (opened in Janurary 2017). The picture was downloaded from .