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HR Survey 2016

Do you work in a  ‪#‎ hotel‬  or a  ‪#‎ restaurant‬  and interact with customers everyday at work? You are invited to participate in a study about  ‪#‎ consumer‬   mistreatment. 15 lucky participants will be rewarded for 1  ‪#‎ TargetGiftCard‬  of $100. Click  to start and share the link with your co-workers and friends working in  ‪#‎ hotels‬  or  ‪#‎ restaurants‬ . Thank you.  ‪#‎ survey‬ Do you work in a #hotel or a #restaurant and interact with customers everyday at work? You are invited to participate in... Posted by Linchi Kwok, Ph.D. on  Thursday, March 3, 2016

Businesses and Consumers Are Responding to California Drought (by Janae Mata)

Living in California in this day and age, we all know that California is in a huge drought. California features many attractions, such as water parks and many nice unique restaurants that rely heavily on water usage.  However, they do not want to shut down and lose visitors just because of the drought.  Hurricane Harbor is still open in the summer when the weather is warmer. Disneyland rides that use water such as Splash Mountain and It’s a Small World are still in use all year around. "The drought is affecting California's tourist attractions in very different ways, but most tourists are unlikely to be affected since businesses have merged water conservation practices with their overall operations," said Ryan Becker, Vice President of Communications at Visit California.  One way it is affecting tourists in California is at restaurants. At many dining establishments, you now have to ask for water; where back before the drought, the server would bring everyone wat

Stress-Free Travel (by Noelle Goetz)

It is common in today’s travel experiences that stress can take power over relaxation. This may be caused by many unavoidable factors such as delayed flights, traffic, crowds, lack of sleep, long lines, rude people or even poor customer service. I know that when I travel beyond my comfort zone, I aim to find the perfect state where exhaustion is eliminated and enjoyability is multiplied. Here are a few ways to keep your travel experiences as stress-free as possible. Do your best to search for hotels that have flexible check-in and check-out times. It is unrealistic for every traveller to be expected to check-in at 3 in the afternoon and check-out by 11 in the morning. The hotel that has flexible hours will allow you to have more freedom and leeway to enjoy your time away on vacation. When you travel, at least I know when I do, you try with all your might to squeeze in every site, attraction, and adventure into your stay so strict check-out times can be conflicting and cause a