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Vision 2023: Big Changes Are Coming

As many of us have left the pandemic behind in 2022 and begun traveling again, airlines started   It may seem that everything is finally moving into a brighter future in 2023, but the truth is: the   permanent impacts of the pandemic   and the uncertainty of the market have pushed many industry leaders to further streamline their operations. Considering the existing challenges facing the hospitality and tourism industries, I expect 2023 will be the year for significant changes. Food prices are unlikely to fall General month-to-month inflation is easing, but   not for most essential food items , especially when year-to-year inflation is concerned. On average, consumers were paying $4.25 for a carton of Grade A large eggs in December 2022, a jump from $1.79 a year ago. An outbreak of bird flu, high inflation, and cage-free-egg laws imposed by some states might be the reasons. Average butter prices went from $3.47 a pound a year ago to $4.81. Margarine, usually used as a substitute for bu