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What if labor shortage is a long-term threat to the hospitality and tourism industry?

The U.S. economy finally shows signs of a strong recovery from the pandemic. Nevertheless, the surging delta variant cases, inflation, and the global supply chain disruption, among other concerns, add considerable uncertainty to the economic outlook. Notably, the hospitality and tourism industry is unlikely to recover any time soon. On the one hand, there is no real sense of recovery until people are  traveling for business  again. Yet, more companies  have postponed the return-to-office plan  and let employees continue  working from home . On the other hand, the industry is facing an  extreme labor shortage  that slows down its recovery. A restaurant shut down after the entire staff quit Last week,  a burrito chain restaurant in Georgia  was forced to shut down because its entire staff quit. The staff put a sign in the front of the restaurant, saying that they had worked seven days a week for a month. They barely had any time off. Eventually, they quit due to being underpaid and a lac