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Why aren't you getting a call for job interviews? (Part II) How to build an appealing LinkedIn profile

Last Thursday, we shared a few resume-writing tips to pass AI screening and the 6-second test. Today, we will visit tips on how to build an appealing LinkedIn profile.  Based on the research findings from my work, I want to emphasize that having an appealing LinkedIn profile has become increasingly important in today’s job market. I define an appealing LinkedIn profile as one that is:   Free of spelling and grammar errors.   Complete : with all essential sections filled (e.g., a profile picture, work experience, and education). Relevant:   Having relevant work experience or educational background to the opening.   Consistent :   showing consistent information to the one revealed in the cover letter, resume, and job interviews.   Specifically, I recommend job seekers pay attention to the following areas:     Use a professional portrait picture:  A high-quality picture showing our professional look will be helpful. Avoid excess use of filters, jewelry, tattoos/piercings, or distracting

Why aren't you getting a call for job interviews? (Part I) Make sure your resume passes AI screening and the 6-second test

The unemployment rate is low. Our industry still faces an ongoing labor shortage challenge. Many restaurants and hotels struggle to fill vacant positions.     Then, will restaurants and hotels hire just anyone applying for the job? If that is the case, why some of us have never heard any follow-up calls?   Maybe we were unlucky by applying for a “ghost job” --- jobs employers do not want to fill. Alternatively, it was because we did not submit the “right” resume or failed to set up an appealing LinkedIn profile. It is time to review the resume-writing (this post) and LinkedIn (Part II or the next post) tips.     Make Sure Your Resume Passes AI Screening and the 6-second Test    Everyone wants to get a good job. A vacancy in most desirable companies will receive hundreds or even thousands of resumes.     To streamline the hiring process, many companies have already used AI to help their hiring managers screen resumes. Afterward, resumes piling up on a hiring manager’s desk (or folder) w