I Heard Professionalism, Maturity, Passion, and Leadership in My Interview with Ms. Britney Bubrowski

Last Thursday, I invited Ms. Britney Bubrowski to speak in my HR class. Britney graduated from college in 2008. She started her career as a HR Coordinator for a hotel before she moved up to the HR Manager and Director of HR position. Very recently, she accepted an offer from The Widewaters Group and became the company’s Corporate HR Manager of Hospitality. Britney has such an impressive career path. I wonder: what are her secrets for success?

Coincidentally, Britney pointed out two important factors: professionalism and maturity. Accordingly to Britney, it is important to maintain a professional relationship with the co-workers at work and have the level of maturity when dealing with work-related issues. I remember that not long ago in my other guest speaker sessions, the Director of HR at the Sheraton Syracuse University suggested that “maturity,” “flexibility,” and “personal branding” could be vital to a person’s career; another HR professional working in a soft-drink and beverage company emphasized the importance of “professionalism” at work. Is it just so happened that everyone echoes each other? Or is it a testimonial that professionalism and maturity are crucial in the work place? I believe they are critical for anyone’s success. Do you agree?

Being a corporate HR manager, Britney is heavily involved in the recruiting and selection process for hotel executives. She mentioned that she received many applications and that many candidates seemed well-qualified for the positions based on what was written on their resumes. I then asked her what makes a candidate stand out from the crowd. She told me that she would look for “passion” and “leadership” in the interviewing process, i.e. the passion for the hospitality industry, the passion for what s/he is doing, being able to motivate others, and being able to motivate him/herself. Once again, I agree with her 100% because I also “coincidentally” discussed the importance of leadership skills and passion before.

The class and I truly enjoyed our conversation with Ms. Britney Bubrowski. As always, she presented some very useful information. Do you find today’s discussion helpful? According to your experience, what factors can contribute to a person’s success? What advice will you give for those who are preparing for a professional career?

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