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Hospitality Students Made Plans for the Winter Break and New Year

Bells are ringing, and the New Year is around the corner. Have you made plans for the holiday already? 


I got a chance to check on four hospitality students at Cal Poly Pomona lately about their plans for the winter break. Our students feel appreciated about their in-person campus life and hope for a new academic year. 


The student profiles 


Bianca Louise N. Del Castillo, a second-year master’s student in the M.S. Program in Hospitality Management. 

Brandon J. Oceguera, a first-year student with a focus on food and beverage. He now works in a country club in Orange County. 

Destiny S. Wallace, a first-year student with a focus on lodging. 

Jordan A. Garcia-Nazarit, a veteran and a junior with a hospitality major. He is also the President of the Hospitality Management Council, the central representative body of student organizations and Associated Students, Inc (ASI) within the Collins College of Hospitality Management.  


Students felt grateful to be back on campus for in-person classes


The California State University System planned to resume in-person instructions for most classes at the beginning of the year, but it was disrupted by new waves of coronavirus variance. The fall of 2022 is the semester when students come back to campus without any interruptions. Students appreciate the in-person interactions on campus and the opportunities of physically involved in student clubs and other extracurricular activities. For example, 


“My first year was online. Now, I started enjoying the face-to-face classes. I got to meet new people, and I was able to attend some of the events. I can work with my group mates (in person) whom I saw virtually. So, it is a nice experience right now to feel the campus life.” (Bianca)


“I felt I just got situated. I’ve been able to get used to my schedule. Now, I’ve started attending the (student) club meetings and getting involved in the African American Student Center. It has been an amazing year … Our students are not just learning. We are involved with everything. … I have been loving it so far.” (Destiny)


“I am having a lot of fun, making friends, and staying more involved with the student clubs. So, it is very nice to see everybody in person after the pandemic.” (Jordan) 


Students have made plans for the winter break


It seems our students will have a good time with their families and loved ones. For instance, 


“I would like to pick up at least one extra class. I definitely will spend lots of time with my family and working, of course. … Just lay low and make sure that I am relaxing and getting a lot of sleep. (laugh)” (Destiny)


“We are planning to just have a staycation … We want to go to Universal and Disneyland … now the restrictions are lifted. So, it is a good timing to visit the theme parks right now.” (Bianca)


“My plan for this winter break is to work, and to spend time with my family, and to lose weight. So, I get back in shape for the summer.” (Brandon)


Students are looking forward to a new year


It was not until recently that most countries lifted the COVID-19 restrictions. Students are looking forward to 2023 when everything will finally return to normal. 


“In 2023, I am hoping to finish (my degree) by that time. I am also looking forward to the career fair because I attended the virtual one this year. I am excited to see the opportunities for us.” (Bianca)


“I am looking forward to spring 2023. I’ll apply for the ambassadors of the Collins College. To learn more, to experience more, to meet more people, new people, to get to know professors.” (Brandon)  


“I am looking forward to a variety of events. I think the one that I am most excited for is definitely Hospitality Uncorked. I know many people are looking forward to it.” (Jordan)


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