How Often Do People Mirror Their Behaviors?

It is interesting to see that smartphone etiquette becomes a hot topic of these days. This MSNBC new video, once again, reminds us how “serious” the problem of lacking cell phone etiquette is.

As indicated in a recent survey, 88% respondents do not think that people take others into considerations when using mobile devices. Then, what are the top misdemeanors? Having a private conversation in a public place, using cell phones in a funeral, or in a public bathroom. Actually, the real problem is not about why people fail to acknowledge the inappropriate behaviors. It is about the fact that many of us do NOT notice we are one of those “offenders.” Now, probably it is time to ask ourselves how well we follow the smartphone etiquette.

I strongly believe that a leader needs to set good examples for his/her followers. From this story, we may need to mirror our behaviors more often. What do you think?

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