Hotel Mogul: An iPad App for Hotel Operations Class?

For $6.99, one can download a popular iPad app “Hotel Mogul HD” and practice managerial and entrepreneurship skills in this game. This game was set in a background where entrepreneur Lynette’s husband cheated her out of her hotel business. She decided to revenge by repurchasing her company and sending her husband to jail. In this game, one will play Lynette and …

• Buy land and build hotels in a variety of locations --- starting from campgrounds, then to hotels/motels, and to luxury hotels if the business is successful.
• Increase property value by adding more attractions and employees.
• Attempt to get gold-star rating for the hotels.
• Make managerial and business decisions as level advances.

A reviewer called this game a cross-over between “Sim City” and “The Apprentice.” It seems like a “perfect” game for hospitality students and professionals. Will “Hotel Mogul” be able to replace a hotel operations class in school?

Interested? You may google “Hotel Mogul.” You shall be able to find reviews and links to this game, some of which offer free trial versions.

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