Top 10 Innovations of the Year

Innovation is extremely important in today’s business. So, what are the top 10 innovations of 2010? According to this CNN News video, they are:

10. The Rebirth of 3-D
9. Google’s Driverless Car
8. Malaria-Proof Mosquito
7. Motorcycle Jacket Airbag
6. Lab-grown Lungs
5. Launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9
4. Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox
3. Bionic Legs Help Paraplegic
2. Electric Cars
1. Apple’s iPad

Regardless what criteria CNN used when making this list, many of these innovations have direct impacts on our lives. IPad indeed received the most attention from me as I have talked about using iPads in enhancing guest service, hotel training, restaurant menus, and wine list in this blog. In your opinions, what is the No. 1 innovation of the year?

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