The First Diet: An Entrepreneur that Leverages the Healthy Food Trend

In addition to going-green, healthy diet is absolutely another food trend. This Fox News video shows us an example of how an entrepreneur adopts the healthy food trend and becomes the 6th fastest growing food company. As featured in this video, The First Diet, a foodservice company that delivers healthy meals to customers every day, takes up a portion of the 1.5 billion per year diet-delivery industry.

There seems to be two reasons that contribute to this company’s success: (a) The First Diet follows the 40-30-30 formula* and home-delivers fresh-made meals to customers every day and (b) technology allows the company to receive orders online, minimize waste (just-in-time inventory), and design an efficient method to deliver meals. What a good business model! Are there other examples that restaurants leverage the going-green and healthy food trends in business? How important is it for a hospitality company to follow the industry trends?

* 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins, and 30% fats; but the video describes this formula in a different way.
A relevant discussion: Community-Supported Agriculture for Restaurants

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