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The First Diet: An Entrepreneur that Leverages the Healthy Food Trend

In addition to going-green, healthy diet is absolutely another food trend. This Fox News video shows us an example of how an entrepreneur adopts the healthy food trend and becomes the 6th fastest growing food company. As featured in this video, The First Diet, a foodservice company that delivers healthy meals to customers every day, takes up a portion of the 1.5 billion per year diet-delivery industry.

There seems to be two reasons that contribute to this company’s success: (a) The First Diet follows the 40-30-30 formula* and home-delivers fresh-made meals to customers every day and (b) technology allows the company to receive orders online, minimize waste (just-in-time inventory), and design an efficient method to deliver meals. What a good business model! Are there other examples that restaurants leverage the going-green and healthy food trends in business? How important is it for a hospitality company to follow the industry trends?

* 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins, and 30% fats; but the video describes this formula in a different way.
A relevant discussion: Community-Supported Agriculture for Restaurants


  1. Eating healthy is one of the most famous topics around today. It is contanstaly being advertised in magazines, television commercials, and within diet programs themself. Restaraunts should take on the "going green, healthy diet" perspective. Just this slogan alone will entail more revenue because staying healthy is a very popular trend that people are striving to keep up with.

    It is extremely improtant for a hospitality company to keep up with the industry trends because by doing this they will increase their clientel market and result in a greater success. This is because most people are attracted to the latest trends and if hospitality companies are able to provide them with this need then these people will be more willing to cooporate with the company as well.

  2. Jacqueline Bath
    Being a Nutrition and Dietetics major I have a passion for food. I think ‘The First Diet’ is a great way to get people to eat healthy. Today, people are looking for fast convenient food. For people who are always on the run and do not have time to get in the kitchen to cook will benefit from this company. However, many people can not afford to get healthy food delivered to them. Unfortunately, healthy food is much more expensive that foods that are high in sugar and fat. This is an issue because it leads to obesity and health problems. If people can not afford to get healthy food delivered to them we still want them to eat healthy. Therefore, they would do the opposite of ordering healthy food, they would make healthy food. Cooking is extremely fun. It is easy to mix and match items and create a wonderful meal. It is also much cheaper. It can also lead to family time. Kids can help cook and the whole family can eat at the dinner table and talk. In my opinion, cooking in the kitchen is better than ordering food.

  3. I agree that we also need to come up with a more affordable healthy food option. $35 a day for home-delivery meals is not cheap for people with low incomes. I buy more organic food these days. Even so, $35 worth of food can feed me for at least 2 or 3 days if I cook for myself. We are building a Food Studies program in the college. I hope our newly-developed Food Studies program will provide some solutions to address this issue in the future.

  4. “The First Diet” seems like a great option for staying healthy while eating foods that are appealing and tasty. The eco-friendly ideas (specific routes to cut down on delivery times which in turn saves gas and limits pollution, as well as preparing just enough food for those who ordered and limiting excess waste) are great components of this program. However, the benefits do not seem to outweigh the costs. The program only seems beneficial to a small population of people. Next to the cost of ordering food every day (three meals and two snacks), it does not teach healthy ways to cook on your own, nor is it convenient for a family with children. The cost would be far greater than taking out food as a single adult and kids would not have the same experience of learning how and why to eat certain foods because they would never be a part of the process of making it. The fast paced, on the go lifestyle that is so common now a days in the United States is no doubt shaping the way we eat food. It may seem great that companies are adjusting to this lifestyle in a healthy way, however I think we need to slow down a bit and get back in the kitchen.

  5. The concept of the The First Diet seems appealing at first glance. Going green always attracts a consumer, as it is a leading trend in today's society, as well as healthy meals. Although The First Diet encompasses both of these trends, an individual or family can still be healthy without ordering every meal. This is expensive and healthy goals may be achieved by taking a little time out of the day to cook meals and snacks. Cooking from raw ingredients is cheaper than paying $35 to have a day's worth of food be delivered to your doorstep. The service of The First Diet is an attractive idea, but in my opinion, economically, it is not worth it.

  6. Emily Orsburn

    With the increase of health issues including heart disease and diabetes amongst other things caused by obesity, diet is becoming a greater and greater issue. Although there are other diets out there that provide food along with their diets such as Nutrisystem, the Fresh Diet approaches this idea in a different way.

    Many of the foods offered by the Fresh Diet are not necessarily complicated or hard to put together yourself such as yogurt and granola for breakfast. However, Americans today are living a fast paced life and more and more meals are being eaten at the desk and away from home. It is now all about convenience rather than cooking meals yourself. Yet Americans still crave a home-cooked meal. Fresh Diet seems to approach the diet industry based on this craving for home-cooked fresh meals. Fresh Diet is unlike other diet programs such as Nutrisystem which delivers boxed, condensed, and frozen foods which are much less appealing. I think that this will be a very successful business and that it should possibly be targeted toward college students as well who struggle to cook for themselves and maintain a healthy diet with what is provided to them in dining halls and other food services avialable.

  7. As a nutrition and dietetics major I am a strong believer in the concept that eating healthy should be an essential part to an individuals life style as eating healthier will make you feel better both physically and mentally.

    By companies such as “The Fresh Diet” existing people will be able to get fast convenient fresh meals delivered daily as opposed to other programs which ship food via Fedex each week so it’s not as healthy as it contains preservatives. I feel that the program is good for individuals who would not have time to cook normally and would reach for processed unhealthy foods. Despite the fact that the plan seems expensive it is less expensive and cheaper than eating out. Also by people being exposed to the meals on the plan could be able to pay attention to the portion size and types of meals served so they can be more aware of how to eat healthier. I feel that although staying on the plan for a long period of time would not be feasible it’s a good idea for people who want to kick start a weight loss plan.

  8. Healthy eating is rapidly becoming one of the most popular fads in the nation. Americans seem to really enjoy paying for convenience, which often times makes fast food an acceptable option. Convenience allows your time to not be disturbed with the grocery shopping, food preparation, etc. With this being the case, a healthier option should be available to those who truly live by the fast lifestyle. You may not be able to drive you car around a building and have a meal in three minutes, although, you can have healthy meals delivered to your doorstep by “The Fresh Diet”. This is a fresh and innovative idea, which can help out many people understand a diet. A lack of knowledge is a large reason for the obesity in America. People do not understand what they are putting in their body, how to properly break down these foods and what they are even paying for. A company like “The Fresh Diet” is very marketable and should succeed. There are a plethora of people who are willing to try new diet plans and are always involved in the newest fad. There isn’t much that is more convenient than having food delivered right to your doorstep and we all know how Americans love convenience.


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