Faking a Professional Profile? Really?!

I understand that it is a tough market for job seekers. I am also well aware that some people sometimes may put something on their resumes that they have never done. However, I still felt shocked when I watched this MSNBC news video.

A website* is offering a support service to those who want to lie about their past. For $125.95, the website will provide customized references for a fake resume within 24 hours and guarantee subscribers for a real job interview because of the website’s “perfect” references. What?! Should there be some regulations to stop this kind of services?!

While a person can structure a resume in a variety of ways to target different employers or even highlight different qualifications for specific audience, s/he should NEVER lie about his/her credentials or experiences. An A or A+ organization will always value integrity. That’s probably why there are so many background check companies out there, helping employers to distinguish the “real” best candidates.

I can see why more companies are using social media in employee screening --- they are trying to evaluate a candidate from as many angles as possible. We call it “triangulations” in qualitative studies. Living in a society where people may “steal” or “create” identifies, how can employers distinguish the real best candidates from the crowd? Meanwhile, how can those honest job seekers stand out from the crowd? What are your suggestions?

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*I do not spell out the website’s name because I do not want to help the website increase its visibility in search engines.

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