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Wedding Etiquette

Thanks to Price William and Kate Middleton, everybody is talking about weddings these days (I, myself, also posted a comment about wedding planner). Today, I am going to share a Wall Street Journal video, which reminds us the appropriate matters in a royal wedding. Of course, not everyone has a chance to dine with the Queen, but the advices being discussed here are really the basic “common-sense” etiquette for weddings, functions, and receptions. For example,
  • Do NOT tweet while eating with the Queen (or guests).
  • Do NOT talk on the cell phone while eating with the Queen (or guests).
  • Do Not take pictures of the Queen (or guests) while she is eating.
  • Start eating after the Queen (host) starts and stop eating when the Queen (host) stops.
  • Show up early --- how embarrassed if showing up after the Queen or even the bride and groom!
  • Choose an appropriate dress for the occasion --- the bride and groom (or the hosts) should always be the center of the attention; one should not wear a wedding-dress-look-like garment or something too extreme in this occasion (unless s/he is the bride/groom or host).
Would you agree with me that this is the basic etiquette that everyone should know and follow in a formal dinner or occasion? What are the most inappropriate manners you have seen in weddings or receptions?

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  1. Yee Nga Alisha PangApril 28, 2011 at 7:44 PM

    I agree with you about the basic etiquette that everyone should know. I feel like the one listed in this blog is common sense. Cell phones should not even be taken out during any serious occasion such as weddings, job interviews, when meeting with clients or just in class. One thing I think the scenario that most people ignore is when they are ordering food or getting service from someone else. Taking pictures of anyone eating is inappropriate in my opinion. For example, the paparazzi always take pictures of celebrities doing anything, and pictures of them eating are the most embarrassing pictures. Everyone should respect whoever is getting married, or if the focus is not them. Anyways, last but the least, Congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton!

    HPM314- Alisha Pang

  2. I strongly agree with you about basic etiquette which everyone should to get know it.Basic etiquette not only shows your respect to host and bride and groom, but also shows your personalities.As many people know, an important occasion always host many famous people who have high respectful position. If you was invited to an important occasion, you should control your action as well. You should know what you can do ,what you cannot do. So that is a reason that we should know those basic etiquette very well. For example, I attented to a wedding, i noticed that a man who just focus on what he was eating and drink. He totally ignore the speech from bride and groom. AND, he made very bad and loud noise when he was eating. Even he dressed very rich and good, I still could tell that he didnot received high education and basic table manners.In conclusion, basic etiquettes are what we really need to know and what we should focus on it ...
    That is it! Thanks... -----HPM 321 YIBING XIA

  3. I strongly agree with all the above etiquette tips. These are important not only for Royal events but just as manners for being a guest anywhere. With any new thing there are advantages and disadvantages. With technology a disadvantage is bad etiquette. When is it appropriate to pick up a phone call and when is it not. I am sure many guests at the wedding have a foursquare but they shouldn’t be taking their smart phones out during wedding or reception to check in. With society today people often turn to technology like their phones when they are bored or waiting for something. It’s the culture we live in, constantly needing to be stimulated by something. Another example of inappropriate behavior at an event is when people get too drunk. When people are drunk they often are not in control of their body and lose their filter. It would be very bad to get drunk at a Royal wedding and make a fool of yourself!

    HPM 321 Rachel Frost

  4. I also strongly agree with all the above etiquette tips. It's common sense not to talk on your phone during an important event, like a wedding or interview. This is obvious because it shows respect to the others around you and also shows that you are someone who cares about what is going on at that moment. Even royal etiquette is common sense. You're in such an important environment, that it is only fair to be cautious about what you do and what you say. You would not want to embarrass yourself in front of royalty and the public.
    The only thing I want to comment about is: I think that to Americans, we know what is considered proper etiquette at weddings, but foreigners may not necessarily know our customs. In other countries around the world, their rules may be different from ours. So, it is definitely recommended that before going to a wedding, know what kind of gift and etiquette to expect.

    HPM 321 Helen Peng


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