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Healthy Food Trends

Today’s discussion is about healthy food trends. Video I shows us a great example of how restaurants can incorporate the healthy food concept in business. The key for this featured restaurant is to replace processing food with nutrient dense food, which reminds me the philosophy of ancient Chinese about food and herbal medicine --- healing the body and soul with food. What other healthy food trends do you observe in the food service industry?

Video II continues the debates about whether the government should regulate people’s consumptions of food (i.e. salt intake and cooking without salt). According to this video, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, urges restaurants to serve smaller portion and healthy meal to children. Should the government dictate what people eat? If restaurants are only allowed to sell items with smaller portion, will restaurants be prohibited from serving more than one dish to a customer even if the customer wants to pay for two or more smaller-portion meals? How could restaurants be more proactive in responding to the requests of offering healthy food options and smaller portion meals?

Macrobiotic Cuisine

Debate on First Lady's Comments on Portion Control and Healthy Food Menu


  1. i do believe it's the responsibility of our government to regulate what it is on our dinner table. Not only for kids, but for everybody. When US taxpayers are paying numerous dollars for the medical care of diabetes and other obesity related health problems, health eating has ceased to be an issue of private health concern or personal living style. Because a great proportion of patients suffering from these diseases could have been prevented from getting ill if they were well informed of the potential harm of unhealthy diet.
    We should also come to the realization that only advocate for healthy eating is far from enough. Because many people lack the will power to abstain from excessive calories, especially for kids. Therefore, the government should legislate to mandate the provision of healthy, balanced diet for kids in public schools and remove certain food from the cafeteria of schools and colleges.
    Experts of public health have time and time again proved prevention is the much more easier than finding a cure. Think about how much money has been spent on the research of diabetes? Not to mention medical expenses. After all, who else than government is more responsible to the health of millions of its citizens?

  2. Macrobiotic Cuisine looks delicious! I would really like to try some of those dishes. As for the government, dictating what someone does in their personal life and the food choices they make is absurd! I feel everyone knows or at least has some basic knowledge that too much consumption of salt is not good for their overall health. Based upon this assumption, if people still want to consume foods high in those types of ingredience and face the possible health effects that come along with them, then they should be able to do just that! Now, as a future nutritionist, I do not believe people should practice that type of behavior. I would encourage them to consider other food choices that would be better for their health and yet still fit within their budgetary means and palate. However, I would not tell them that I was going to regulate their every food choice. I feel this is like telling a child that they cannot do something and just to prove you wrong or test your patience, they will do it anyways just to prove they can. I think this is just human nature and if the government attempts to regulate people's diet; then people will rebuke it and consume the regulated item just to prove they can.
    George Reed

  3. I have also noticed this increasing healthy food trend in the food service industry, particularly fast food restaurants. McDonald’s is infamous for its fat laden food. It has faced numerous accusations that their food is making people obese. In response to a growing concern about fast food and its detrimental effects on health, McDonald’s is starting to make healthier food choices available. Just recently I heard a commercial on the radio about oatmeal that McDonald’s is now offering. Oatmeal is definitely not a typical McDonald’s menu item but it is one that will give people the option to eat healthy at a fast food restaurant.

    I believe that the government should a play a part in regulating what people eat. It is obvious that our society lacks control when it comes to food consumption. The United States is the most obese country in the world. Heart disease, stroke and cancer are three main causes of death. These conditions are all nutrition related. If people were inclined to make healthier food choices their children may emulate them. This will provide for a much healthier future.

    Kirstin Lyons

  4. There's been a big organic trend going around and more interest is going into nutrition. One of my favorite places to eat is Chipotle, and they advertise the fact that most if not all their meats and food is organic, free range, and has not been tinkered with pesticides/hormones. Many people I know love the fact that they know what they are eating is good for them. It is true that good food heals the body. You are what you eat.
    In regard to the government dictating what we should eat, I really don't think that encouraging restaurants to improve the quality of there foods they prepare is dictating what WE eat. We have the choice to eat what we want. I think what Michelle Obama is trying to do is have there be more opportunities for people to attain good foods. In some areas, people may not have access or knowledge for what is good for them. I think if there's a problem with portion sizes, then better ingredients for cooking would be a great help.
    -Francisco Medrano

  5. This was the first I’ve heard about Macrobiotic Cuisine. It sounds really interesting and I would like to check it out. Since so many people go out to eat, I think it’s important for restaurants to promote the healthier food behaviors they incorporate into their food production. They have contributed to our obese population with large portion sizes and the use of saturated fats, but, they are definitely not the primary source to blame.

    I think it was a natural step for Michelle Obama to personally speak to restaurants urging them to make healthier changes. However, the government should not be controlling or dictating what we eat or how much we eat nor should they regulate private, individual restaurants. They provide us with pertinent information about specific health benefits and disease related to our eating habits but they do not have the right to control our decisions. It is up to us to decide what, when and how much we eat.
    Carolyn Allen


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