Event-Planning Software: A Must-Have Tool for Event Planners

Not long ago, people managed business solely with manpower. In today’s business world, few people can accomplish that without an Internet-accessible computer and/or a smart phone.

Event-planning tools enable event planners to keep the “team,” including clients, informed with the planning process. With a finger click, people can find out if keynote speakers and guests have accepted invitations, when a “to-do-task” has been taken care of and by whom, to whom a task should be delegated, how much payment has been received, etc.

As in hotels, people use property management system to manage the business. Event planning professionals also need reliable tools for their operations. The question is which software/tool is reliable and used by most event planning firms. Also, should a school teach event management majors event-planning software and tools? If so, what should be taught?

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