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Etiquette for the New Age

New trend comes and goes, but good manners should stay and will always be appreciated. The basic etiquette is to treat others with consideration and respect. Let’s see if you agree to the following etiquette discussed in this MSNBC News video:
  • It is fine to “de-friend” a Facebook friend if you no longer feel comfortable to be attached with that person. 
  • One may buy a smaller gift if attending a destination wedding, depending on the person’s budget.  
  • If a client is sick but s/he wants to shake your hand, do it but wash your hand immediately afterwards. If you are sick, you may refuse to shake hands and explain to the client that you are sick.  
  • It is inappropriate to text or play with any gadgets when one is with others, regardless how busy s/he is. S/he may excuse herself/himself if it is absolutely necessary.  
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  1. You can de-friends someone on facebook whenever you feel like it. If you feel unsafe having this person being able to see your profile, then de-friending them is fine. I believe that it depends on the situation. Maybe you shouldn’t have accepted them in the first place? When it comes to destination weddings, I agree that you have to purchase a gift. A simple gift card could be okay since you are paying to go to this certain place. Next, the article talks about shaking someone’s hand who is sick. I am crazy about germs thanks to my family. I believe that you do not need to shake someone’s hand. If they do not tell you they are sick and you find out later, then I would immediately wash my hands and sanitize them. I wouldn’t want to take the risk of getting sick. On the other hand, if I am sick, I would never make someone shake my hand and instead, explain to them that it is for their health that we do not touch. I think that proper etiquette now a days is not as front and center. So many people whip out their cell phones at the dinner table that I have even noticed from waitressing. People do not second guess it. I guess it has become a habit. When I am sitting at my dinner table with my family though, I will get told to put it away. People have become so attached to their phones that it is a little sickening.

    Carly Sigel

  2. I personally think it is fine to de-friend a person on facebook if the person is doing something harmful to you or you do not feel like it is not safe for the person to see your profile. What I find really immature about de-friending someone on facebook is when people get into small arguments then de-friends the person, then re-add them when they make up and gets in an argument again and then it becomes a continuous cycle. I feel that purchasing a gift when attending is a must but if your budget does not permit then you do not necessarily need to buy something expensive. I think it is the thought that matters the most. I believe that if a person takes out their hand to shake yours then you should shake their hands too. If you work in a setting that exposes you to more bacteria then maybe carrying a hand sanitizer around would be more appropriate than to give a disgusted face and not return the handshake. The next thing is probably my biggest pet peeve because if you are having dinner with another person and you constantly pull our your phone to text or email someone else it shows that you think the other person is not important. Also you will probably not be as engaged when having the conversation because you are focusing on too many things at once.

  3. I agree with almost all of the etiquette suggestions, they all show a general respect for other peoples well being which can be difficult in our modern society. I think that one should be able to de-friend anyone they want on facebook as long as its done in a respectful way. It is your decision who you let see things about your life, and if you no longer fell comfortable being the persons friend, then you should be able to remove them. However, writing messages about or making a scene of doing it is disrespectful and just un-necessary. It is one thing if you de-friend someone because you are uncomfortable, but it is entirely different to do so just to embarrass someone. As far as giving a small gift at a destination wedding, to me this is completely appropriate. A gift is a gift, and the thought someone put behind it is really all that should count. It's very expensive to go to a destination wedding, so if someone has to scale back on their gift, it seems fair. Washing your hands immediately after meeting someone is the safest thing to do as long as you don't make it obvious to the person you shook hands with that you immediately need to wash them, that could offend them. The one etiquette suggestion that I do not agree with is about the use of electronic devices while in the company of others. It depends on the situation in my opinion, there are certainly times when it is inappropriate to use your phone, like when you are out to dinner or at a meeting and don't require your phone. However, if you are just with your friends and they are using their phones, then you should be able to as well.

  4. I think that etiquette and good manners are something that should not be forgotten or ignored. It is not only always appreciated, but I think that it is also something that people expect to see. Even though the times are changing and technology is becoming more advanced, etiquette is something that should still exist and be modified with the advancements. I agree with most of the etiquette that the MSNBC News Video discussed. First, I think that it can be okay to “de-friend” a facebook friend depending on one’s reasoning. If being connected with them on this social network website could harm you or another than I think it is okay to “de-friend” them. However, if you are just no longer in contact with the person than I do not see any harm in keeping them as a friend on the website. There are also other options besides “de-friending” them. For example, you can change your privacy settings and control who can see what on your personal page, like pictures, comments, etc. Next, I agree that it is okay to buy a smaller gift if attending a destination wedding, depending on the person’s budget because they are already spending a lot of money to attend the event. When buying wedding presents, or any kind of present one should buy whatever gift they think is appropriate (based on other gifts exchanged with that person, the type of occasion, etc) and spend what they feel comfortable spending. When it comes to germs I think that it depends on who you are talking to. Some people are more worried than others about germs and are very careful about public areas, washing their hands frequently and always using hand sanitizer, whereas others do not think about it as often. People also have different health issues, like a low immune system (get sick easily). I think that because everyone has their own opinion about this situation; it is okay to either shake a client’s hand when they are visibly sick if they want and wash your hands after or to tell the client you are sorry, but you do not want to risk catching their cold. I also think that it is the polite thing to do when sick is to explain to the client that you are sick and do not want to risk them catching it. Lastly, when it comes to technology I think that many people forget about proper etiquette and manners. I think that when you are with someone it is very rude to be on your phone, computer, or any other type of gadget. However, this happens all the time, in meetings, class, during a conversation with someone (no matter the relationship, friend, acquaintance, stranger, etc.) and when having a meal with someone or a group. This is something that annoys me because I feel like the person using the gadget isn’t actually paying attention to what you might be saying and seems like they do not really care. Now, with all this new technology this happens to me all the time, even when I am just talking with a friend I think it is rude for them to pick up their phone and start texting. It would be better for them to just say sorry one second instead of pretending like they are still listening. Everyone has their own opinion on what is considered to be good manners and etiquette and what is “right” depends on the person and the case.


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