Recruiting with Social Media Tools conducted a survey with over 2,500 employers. The results found that 21% of them use social media to recruit employees. Social media has become a supplement recruitment tool for companies. also surveyed 4,500 workers in the U.S. The results reveal that
• 35% workers use social media to search job listings,
• 26% read facts about a company,
• 23% seek information about career paths,
• 16% look for “fun” in the work place,
• 16% “want testimonials from other employees,”
• 12% look for company events,
• 10% check out a company’s products/service, and
• 8% would like to see videos of a typical workday in a company.

As to what turns off potential employees, the study found the following:
• Communications that read like advertisements (38%),
• Questions that receive no replies (30%),
• Irregular posts (22%), and
• Public comments being removed or filtered (22%).

In my opinions, it doesn’t matter if a company wants to use social media in marketing, PR, or recruitment & selection. A good social media strategy requires the content be authentic, consistent, “fun,” informative, and engaged.

If you are a recruiter, how do you use social media to reach, attract, and select potential employees? If you are a college student or a job candidate, how do social media help you research a job and possibly secure a job offer?

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