Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year

This year, February 14th is more than just Valentine’s Day; it is also the start of the Year of Tiger according to the lunar calendar. How special?! Well, if you miss the opportunity of celebrating the Chinese New Year and the Valentine’s Day at the same time this year, you may have to wait until 2048 to do so.

Hotels and restaurants that serve Asian clientele may prefer people to celebrate these two occasions in tow different days. After all, Valentine’s Day is more for lovers while the Chinese New Year is a family holiday. Managers may find it challenging to market and promote these two distinguishing occasions at the same time.

Can people celebrate a traditional family holiday with “love”? Besides lovers, a lot of us share our “loves” with family. How about celebrating a Valentine’s vacation instead of a Valentine’s Day? Many companies in Asia have a long holiday during Lunar New Year. What are your ideas?

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